ig : wavyskywalker
where i'll still be posting ♡ iloveyou goodbye.
makeshift goodbye post. i've met amazing people, seen amazing posts, and made amazing memories. don't forget to follow my insta. goodbye.
rip vine — berlin thank u for everyhing ... love u all 💙
can't leave vine without reminding you who the king is 👑 -thank you for following!! Instagram: holyskywalker_
Sorry for this trash I was trying to post b4 vine ends 😔
thank you for everything. + My last post on Vine ❤️ + Follow me on IG: bloody skywalker
Well, this is it.... thank you vine for such an amazing past 2 years and thank all of you.💞
Goodbye vine we will all miss you. You brought so much joy to everyone. And I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Goodbye.....
starting and ending this account with stormpilot thank you guys for everything! ♡ ig: radrey_ twitter/tumblr: stardustsjyn