bye bye vine its been fun✌️️
s6 fave? ac&ib darthxraven cc stydiaswings lol u thought.
happy birthday andrea 💙🌌
byeeeee vinee
m e r c y 🌈 | probably my last edit so I wanted to dedicate it too my favourite The 100 acc MXRPHY [bio] 💜 follow my IG: ellenpompslayo
bellamy blake - protect him ac: mine dt: favs
Goodbye Vine. Thank you for the memories. -DT: Starlight
— daenerys+missandei they are both two beautiful beans rm CARYL PELETIER/cc petrovaswolf dt the gc
bellamy&clarke ac me!! (ib duh grimes) cc yung luke
— puppy love. dt: anna, because layden <3