Again guys this isn't a goodbye :)! It's a thank you xx
day 2 raphael + simon "i'll find my way back to you" dt ok alec #7daysOfFavMale
undead papi has me shook ‣ac: detached (edited) ‣ib: MXRPHY ‣dt: molly + scorpxus ‣cc: kitty kat (edited)
raphael santiago ‣dt: bloody hale + j.edits ‣cc: nuur salvatore my undead papi tbh.
— slayed this season - dt Mfandoms cc scream wolf - posting again!! – jenni
✗raphael santiago — #raphaelweek ac seduction.
✗ lolly [ac remixed audios dt the hosts cc MR DOBREV] ─ #raphaelWeek
simon&raphael; what would you say? - sorry im uploading so late i've been busy all day cc: vahan bio ac: edited audios
i love my lane » cc natalie sweet ib lonewolf edits » he did THAT
—devil eyes #raphaelweek cc hell's canary dt the hosts 💕