Ciel Phantomhive wanted me to post this for her cause it won't post on her Acc 😪 ily vine you will be missed
It's been good vine(: My insta is Yuki_Edit
It's been a wonderful journey and I would like to post this last edit before vine changes, from being sebastian michaelis since day one⬇
Started with Sebaciel. Ending with Sebaciel. Thank you guys for an amazing 2 years as Earlcielphantomhive.
Nothing sacrificed can ever be regained.
Let's take a moment of silence to appreciate the dead
Pourquoi cette fin...? Ils avaient une amitié si importante...!!
These guys are coming to #savevine, but something tells me they might not make it in time 😕
thank you guys for all your support. this was one of my first edits❤️
I don't ship them... but they are so cute, precious and important - Soleil Phantomhive for you - My Audio
Baby Ciel is so cute tho 😍 also dayum I didn't think this would loop