just in reference to my earlier spongebob farewell post 🔂#loopcollector🔂 😂😂💀 #everytimeigetanotherloop
And now a #repost (edited a bit) of my first vine I ever did back on Friday, ‎December ‎12, ‎2014, ‏‎5:39:32 PM
#repost goodbye vine.. i'll miss you. Anna Clendening #annaclendening
Love my cousin we literally fall on the floor laughing every time we get together. We thought it was a selfie and she calls me an idiot lol
Another repost, another of my favorites #REPOST #thankyouvine for pushing me out of my shell
Goodbye Vine😭 I'll miss all of you...if you want to still see my edits the info will be in my bio..I'll miss this app and like no other app
Perfect metaphor for life #repost
One of my favorite vines I ever made, a vine hack for Shahab Zargari , the first time I was ever asked to do one. Thank you. #REPOST #d4
Death Metal guy chooses the wrong accessory #repost
Homemade Peter Gabriel video. #repost
I turn to stone #repost
#repost who's dad is this
Sharp Dressed Man #repost
#REPOST I loved animating this back in 2014 #GeorgeJones #possum
I'm so sad we are in the final days of this silly app. Here's a #repost of one of my favorite Vines I made. 😔