I think I just made the best mashup ever Feat. Alex Ernst & Cheezy Kracker
Eat The Booty Like Groceries #Deelishis 😻🙌�👅💦💯 #Twerk #BODY!!!!
VineTwerk Best Twerk Vines White Girl Twerk White Girls Twerk Better #twerk Wonderful World Of Twerk TWERK VINE
VineTwerk Best Twerk Vines White Girl Twerk #slowmotion #twerk NOT my best.
Part 3 w/ Dan Frechette
Part ✌�️ w/Dan Frechette
Thank you for the very big tip!😊 God bless yall. #bigtip
I just vined an epic battle between the two best beat boxing squirrels in the forest! 🐭🎤🔥🎤🐭
#repost w/ Dan Frechette
Rap is slackin' so I'm white girl twerking to @macmiller #pittsburgh #jewishgirls #hiphop #bored #twerk
Collab with the Beautiful just nicole 💕💕 // she's going to kill me I'm Sowwy girly 😂😂😂💕👑
😏😍😋💦👅 Watch my EXCLUSIVE vids at 👉 👈 Exclusive tht cant be posted on vine😏
I'm sorry Ryann Howard I got bored 😂😂😂
YvonnaLestrange teaches #TheLibraryGirl how to #twerk for candy.