Ciel Phantomhive wanted me to post this for her cause it won't post on her Acc 😪 ily vine you will be missed
It's been good vine(: My insta is Yuki_Edit
My last edit on here, I'm so sad to see vine ending. I've had such a great time. Insta: murdermeanime
It was nice while it lasted goodbye, You can find me on IG: Karkiesnoah
It's been a wonderful journey and I would like to post this last edit before vine changes, from being sebastian michaelis since day one⬇
❣"It was the most beautiful thing i ever saw, and I'm not talking about the tiger." | Official Last Post on here!
BYE VINE, REST IN PEACE! INSTAGRAM: @cielqhantomhive #blackbutler
Last edit ig | Remake (kinda) of my first edit 😹
My last vine 😖😍 these two could destroy me and I'd say thank you. Just wanted to say I love RENJI YOMO brb im moist af
Thank you all for the amazing experience. Thank you all for one million loops. Thank you all for making me happy. I love you guys, goodbye ❤
Well this is my last edit to my favorite song XD I love everyone on here so much thank you for letting... more in comments
Bye vine thanks for everything
Since this is goodbye from vine here are my other social media's and Kik!!!THANK YOU SM FOR AN AMAZING TIME (I'm most active on Ig and Kik)
Vine is over and I'm extremely sad.. Please go follow my social medias if you'd like to keep up with my edits. I'll mainly post on instagra
beginning and ending with sebastian💕 ac/ib: ig: bocchan_trash
Nothing sacrificed can ever be regained.
I have to turn up my brightness to see it 😂 a double meaning of this is a dark vine and it's legit dark. I can't see a thing. #blackbutler
I know it hasn't been to long but thank you everyone for this amazing time, so goodbye!!!! ❤