omg she's obsess with me jk😂 she makes me think that actually one day the world is going to know my name💘
#deleting when your friend makes an edit of u😂😂❤️
Will be up soon
😂😂😂😂😂 #deleting
Throw back to the edit I never finished cuz it doesn't loop properly #deleting
I can't sleeeeeeeeeeep #deleting
Am I too Late?? 😈😈😈💋💋💋 Hey Vine Tiffalips_Suspended4xs #deleting #welcomeback
when u make an edit but its shit. oh well. audio by Jakk.
Pt.2 I guess. 😅probs #deleting both later
Lili what are you doing 😂❤️ #deleting
Should i upload cod again ? My sync