Im leaving with this depressing edit i made 3 weeks ago and never posted on vine. Goodbye to all of you💕 Ig; @etsukobae
I'm in love with this I can't even freaking explain #killingstalkingedit My last edit.. Goodbye my dear friends.❤️💛💚💙💜💗💖💘💝💟💓💞💕
dANGWOO // m3 & u // dt; all you dirty sinners out there
my last vine~ // thank you all for the support, if you like my content, I post on insta and twitter - nipnuts // thanks for the memories xo
🔨💀🔪 goodbye vine(Ω_Ω) dt: ig: @coupsvine
“I don't love you anymore.” || last edit.
Daddy 👏🏻😩
leaving vine w my fav goodbye vine ❤👋
ending vine with a positive message :)
anime!boys 2 years of me having this acc and i finally post wow well rip vine
strumming my pain with his fingers.. singing my life with his words.. killing me softly with his song.. // my edited audio~
before vine shuts down I wanna post this so hey im obsessed with killing stalking thanks bye
terrifyingly hot👀 // [#killingStalking] – for brynna. [[ ac. ?? ]] remember to follow my twitter!
Last edit on vine. I love you all. Thank you for all the fun.
If Only I Could.. – Thanks for the memories Vine.. 💚
My last edit on vine. It's been fun
Levi and jean.... WHY DT ~Anime.Edits~ lol also he can hurt me anytime