😂My favorite part about Vine dying was when Mariah's career died to(poor Mariah ✌🏾️💀im sry) Voice Over Wheelchairman Da Deuce ✌🏾️😂BYE!
Real talk, I won't let most follow me, but if I think you down to earth, and you ain't hateful or petty, follow me on #IG: SubliminalKing
Vine was such a great experience #savevine #ripvine #byevine Thanks.
Social medias in bio, ill post 1-2 edits later if i can. This might be my goodbye post so bye i guess. I hope to see you all on insta
I don't know but yea
Thank you guys for making vine the best experience for me every day ❤️
January 17, 2017. I'm turning my automatic updates off. Maybe it won't turn into a camera app today then? Revine to tell others. #savevine
We need vine #savevine
Thanks to these beautiful ladies for being so kind & sweet always here MelissaB, Maddie Monroe, Moundsoffun Doesn't Care ❤❤❤
Sadly vine is ending today and I just want to thank you all so much I will never forget you❤