since today is the last day of vine, i thought i would finally post one of my own edits :)) *not a plot twist*
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delena- happy moments
Goodbye vine. I will miss you a lot 😭😭😭😭 I really wish I got to 1000😓😓😓 I'm at 999 right now 😢😢😢
My last vine part 3 bye
Ending it with my babies💖 Goodbye guys! I was here till the bitter end. It's been lit. -❦ cc: forsaken
where to find me: ig: kyloreyy // twitter: kylorey_ I'm gonna miss this so much. goodbye vine, it's been real. - alli💫
obi wan - chocolate x colors || thank you for 700 followers and for the amazing time I've had on Vine! i can't believe this is it. ❤
Thank you for everything💕my 3 sw ig accounts; voidstarwars & roseamidala & sunshinereyy my yt/tw info is on there too!! LOVE YOU☀ xoxo
starting and ending this account with stormpilot thank you guys for everything! ♡ ig: radrey_ twitter/tumblr: stardustsjyn
peace out vine ✌️ twitter: 2k_howard what a ride it's been 😉
77 followers, not enough time to know you guys thank you very much for everything, my insta is Nelle_Offgirl +
last edit on vine... instagram @theflashin
Star Wars: The Clone Wars. - my last edit, sorry it's so messy. dt; everyone, thank you for everything guys. ilysm ❤
can't leave vine without reminding you who the king is 👑 -thank you for following!! Instagram: holyskywalker_
please don't forget - thank you so much for everything
one and only Wilhuff Tarkin
Anakin Skywalker || Cold Sweat ib/ac: retroshea cc: mine goodbye vine 💔