ig; aikuika
ok i know this isnt an amv but im working on one should be up in around a day or two, hope everyone had a nice New Years~
I haven't posted on here at all since I thought vine was ending?¿? I'll probably post in a week or so since I have projects to do lol
lmao i haven't posted in forever.
i need a life
Missing Halloween.
ーloved you※
((old edit)) i might make another acc bc ppl r really inactive on this acc lol
this'll be up soon hopefully
tfw you can relate to luciel so much but he talks in code so many times new watermark?? i got lazy at the end lol
guys pls comment your fav mm character bc i need it for something;;
i have no idea
i thought you loved me...
the angel and the nerd
big thanks to the ms and 5k~. dt; Tree Sparkle ►, divine anime 神, mitsu, omg yukinay;, ₇⁰₇ Katri ►