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SAVED SKAM »cc: tragic edits »ib: caous sorry I only stan legends
isak & even — trust issues cc: multi celeb
“I’m so happy I met him. I was living a fake life before that.”
lol no thanks cc: avoidable rm: wolvela
isak valtersen, my child »cc: sired martin
two power couples »cc: lunar pxtrova »ac: origin audios
unconditionally —isak&even they invented true love💓
» wake ┈┈┈┈ [ac] Emilia's Bastard [cc] yt: vampirexdesire
even bench næsheim — ac: ig. scorchedstiles what a bean
m e w i t h o u t y o u . cc: the mad queen dt: sailormadison
— love lockdown hottest couple ever pt2? cc: xpierce
when someone becomes a memory the memory becomes a treasure. dt: ig: elevenetic
*makes 2739 evak edits* [creds below]
hottest couple ever. ac celestial | ib shame. | cc sunnyvids
isak represents me on a spiritual level ac/ib: ig: scorchedstiles
soulmates. ac monomi.rzn ? cc; the mad queen
lovesick puppies 💜
"Had you seen me before that first meeting?" "Yeah, I saw you the first day of school."
they invented being soft boyfriends. ac voizen