ig : wavyskywalker
i'm really going to miss you guys on here so much! this has been an amazing journey for me & i hope to see you on the next one! 💗 you guys
prequel babes — my last post on here, i'll miss you guys so much on here :( my ig is wavyskywalker if you want to stay connected!
sounds about right.. — ac ; ???
h a p p i n e s s — ac ; ig:musicandaudios
the power of a lightsaber — not really an edit but oh well
blue. — cc ; httpstiles
tragedy pt. II — remake of one of my edits! — my audio
friend·ship ˈfren(d)SHip/ noun — the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. || skysolo
ahch-to. — full edit on my ig!!
one look — remake of myself!
their love can never be buried — check out the whole edit on my ig!!!
beauty of star wars — full edit on my ig! — it's my 1 year on vine, thank you guys so much for everything! have a happy new year! :)
come my way — ac & rm : ig: madkenobi
"i will not fail..." — dt : first disorder, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! have an amazing day!
for you carrie, a true meaning of a role model. thank you for sharing your smile and your struggles to help others. we love you and miss you
my heart is broken. i am at a loss for words.. rest in peace carrie, princess. we love you
just a boy — rm : døpamine.|ig: dopamineedits
HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM SOME SPACE MEMES☃️ — didn't get to put everyone and everything i wanted to put :/