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it means he loves you für maxim
god is a WOMAN - for stellar (cc celestial) / full version on my instagram!
_love. (cc celestial / ac selflessvoid)
number one overhated bean / please don't unfollow if you dislike her (cc celestial / ig: ceiestial / rm spooky )
_she's starting to grow on me (cc wolvela)
_who was the person standing right next to me? #dphntyto60k (cc void stan / ac rogue heda) listen with headphones!
full version on my ig: wolverized
_please don't spread negativity, they just make me really happy. find me on instagram @/wolverized. (ib celestial / cc void stan)
_for joseph (cc void stan / ac aesthete.)
_blood must have blood part 2? i don't know her (ib/ac YT: blessed lycan / cc void stan)
made this right after i convinced my grandparents at christmas dinner that i'm straight. merry christmas everyone. #dphntyto60k ib ultraheda
_i just wanna be loved. (cc heartache / for all scalia suckers)
_why appreciate one when you can appreciate both? for lily, ily (cc unsystematic / ib mystic fangs) sorry for the blurr!!
REQUIRES MBL!! don't forget to credit me
_just a small group of friends trying to survive high school together. for the avocadhoes (ac wolves & winchesters / #dphntyto60k)
_our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. (ac w & w / cc linked / #dphntyto60k )
604 - relics (sorry for the quality) - ib/ac/dt moralized - cc celestial
for emma - cc celestial / ib argenthood