GTG Fast
wait there, im going to save you
the man I knew wasnt there
chapter 17
and Ellie left them.
copycat murder
dont leave me
wait I thought Vine was gonna die yesterday that's why I made my goodbye edit and everything welp. anyone know when it's actually gonna die?
for New Years, I'll follow anyone who wants me too ❤️ just comment whatever and I'll follow u before Vine dies officially.
last Vine, bye everyone, thank you all so much, and have a great New Years ❤️ hey, you can still see me post on my IG ! Love you all 💕
Thanks for getting me the most followers I've ever had on social media 💕 Vine was great. Thank you guys ❤️ I'll keep posting tho !
it's okay to run away.
im sorry. [VENT]
everything is not as it seems ;^))
it's almost Christmas i'm not reADY
Juzo woke up in the hospital with Munakata waiting for him with a big hug and apology. They get married and Juzo couldn't be happier.
have this while I finish an upcoming edit
Thanks Vine. It was an amazing experience being here. (I will still be posting until it shuts down.. my IG is in my Vine bio)
killer killer .