ig: deathlybanshee
— Heartless | 6.07 ac idk cc me - this ep killed me
— Malia Tate 6.06 dt kara and kristina ac idk cc me - she didn't deserve this
— Perishable | 4.09 dt hannah #dphntyto60k cc me - this scene is one of the most emotional scenes in teen wolf.
— Scott and Malia dt mi casa erotiqué & ig: moralized ;) cc me - if they don't hook up or get together in s6 I stg
— Just a girl that deserves the world. very ib/dt stydiaswings cc me - I honestly love her with everything I have
— 6.06 | Ghosted | The town on the other side of the mirror ac glow (??) cc me - I loved this episode so much #dphntyto60k
— 3.06 | Motel California ib mich (ig; demoniclydia) cc me ac idk - fave ep | vine is still up so why not post lol ly all
- What better way is there to end your editing life on vine than with Lydia Martin? Thank you, for everything!!