seattle greys
Ending the way I started :( ac: captainswanaf my yt: Xx fvkpetrova xX my ig: fvkpetrova I love you guys! -declan
favorite side of addison since my first post was addison so is the last :) dt: fm4
sooo unexpected, right? » cc equinox
one last time, here's the social medias I'll be posting on, I hope to stay in touch with you all!! I'm still posting until then tho- sabrina
i'll look after you. » cc equinox » sabrina
the friendship we all deserved » cc equinox » sorry for the repost » sabrina
this isn't really an edit but enjoy » cc equinox » sabrina
these words » ib gilmores // cc equinox » sabrina
And a lifetime he got ib/rm mpas [repost sorry] -declan
i miss the happy moments :( » cc equinox » sabrina
just a show about doctors right? » these was two hell of episodes » requested // cc equinox » sabrina
Cristina's mom always told her to give her used toys to the less fortunate ;) coloring ib equinox -Declan
nice try jackson and derek » no surprises here ;)) » ib cursed // cc equinox » dt vava of course <3
“Lexie is waiting for me.” » he found his way back to her » wear 🎧 // cc equinox » sabrina
Little grey coloring ib: equinox ac: ? -declan
lexie grey in every season ┕ season 7 and 8 (4&5/5) » I didn't think I'd have time to post two edits so here ya go » sabrina
”She makes me happier than anything I've ever known.” » cc equinox » sabrina
the real (un)holy trinity » this is not a plot twist » cc equinox » sabrina
fav sister » ib sloan's anatomy » ac cursed // cc equinox » sabrina
Meredith and Derek | La lune cc: surmounts // sorry the first clips aren't logoless -Declan