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— i love them thank you for 10k ❤
— season finals ac arkhams I'll die tomorrow
— the lying detective
— ‶ but it is what it is ″ cc alexrose ib h&w edits ac strawberry audios
#StopHurtingJohnWatson2k17 — ac frootland + I want to die
— HAPPY birthday to my son William Sherlock Scott Holmes
— john's glow up 😩🔥💦👅💯👌
— hedgehog to a silver fox real quick ac fallendoctor cc alexrose dt mfd squad I hate you guys <3
— SPOILERS ac diaphaneity I'm still crying
— two days to go cc httpstiles I'm committing ,,
— amanda abbington the actual loml ib amissum cc alexrose [please don't repost]
#sherlockS4challenge day 10 | favorite scene cc alexrose ac spooky
M.F — lunch 'n' breakfast ib hostile edits for Ivan, merry christmas!
— day 3 | favorite male #sherlockS4challenge cc httpstiles | for tania
— just a few thanks before this ends [follow my other social medias if you want] I'll be posting on vine until it dies !!
— day 1 | favorite season #sherlockS4challenge cc httpstiles ib demonitized
— ‶ me on that, I should know, he's saved mine so many times and in so many ways ″
— season four | "I love you" ac valkyrie [three weeks until my death]
— that moment when a new sherlock trailer is released #relatable #IMCRYINGDONTTOUCHME