Sincerely thank you all for a few years of remembering that we can still have fun even when things get bad. I'll miss you crazy bastards.
"Equipment" Shoutout to Batman 66 Labels one of my favorites on Vine/Twitter/elsewhere.
Come on now, Every organ is destructible.
I have two items on my bucket tape digging list: Number one is the full run of #JamesBrownFutureShock. Get at me TNT We Know Drama
Suuuuuuuuuure Porky. #LooneyChron
Ahhhh #RainbowJuice. The show that proved that white people on drugs should not have television programs.
I got the right one - but only with 65% uh huh. What a rip off! #OGCommercials
Seriously - Marc Summers is the absolute worst.
Never forget - Marc Summers is the enemy.
Does two horrifying stereotypes cancel each other out? #TooOffensive
😜 So Silly!!!! 😜 #TooOffesnsive
#TooOffensive # 2 - "The white man's wife conundrum"
Since Vine is dying I'm going to unload the "Too offensive" folder in my dropbox here's #1 "Black People ❤️ shooting dice!" #TooOffensive
This lady was WAY ahead of her time! #OGPriceIsRight
Barker 4 Prez
That Barker Swag......
Don't condescend to me lady.
In a dangerous world, you can never have enough subject matter expertise.