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the banshee 💋 cc voidblake (edited) rm void stan turn up brightness
tom holland - starboy cc voidblake/ac stydiaswings rm Clint Barton's ☕️
✗ the heteros are shook — ian & mickey 💙 ac/rm ig: maniaxtêars./cc mxrdock. / bio
✗ day one: hayden mcclaine — fav murder house character cc sunnyvids/dt the hosts [ #ahsfavschallenge ]
✗ hide ur favs! ib/rm ultrargent cc sunnyvids (edited) dt izzi and zach
✗ peter parker rm/ib shame. ac strawberry audios
– rose & jack "I'll never let go" dt amri cc void stan ac komaspook.op ib diaphaneity
– love my lane ❝you are a living weapon❞ ac OLÉ cc sunnyvids dt matt bc daddy ib/rm Winterfell's Princess
– the girl on fire & the boy with the bread ❝real or not real?❞ ❝real❞ ib godhale cc nuur salvatore
— james march ❝that sounds obscene❞
– smile :) idk what this is tbh cc void stan ac scorched audios dt ScarletAmerica
– ryan: what's a happy lily rabe character? cc void blake ib/rm ahsmatt dt maniaxtêars.
✗ doctor strange — heartbeat cc ultrargent ib everyone dt those who loved the movie like I did :)
✗ fav side of evan ;) — king shit cc Ephemeral ac scorched audios FOLLOW ME ON IG
✗ one last time — carry your throne cc ultrargent dt everyone!!!
✗ ahs: roanoke — chapter one cc amissum ac ARKHAMS / was M¡LKOVICH for zion and liam
✗ spider-ling — controls cc amissum ac rare audios for brady & zayn
✗ season 4 — #twdseedchallenge cc lightningxdisaster dt vince for helping me w scenes!!
NAME CHANGE, say goodbye to agent ridley!! [COMMENTS]
✗ fav psycho female 😩 — senpai cc nochillnovia ac m¡lkovich dt zion for adding the coloring!!