Just Those Video Edits
\\ let's talk about michaels hair //
luke is such a cutie 😌💘 (#sauceyeditsto14k saucey edits)
ashton irwin as alex stewart in Love, Rosie
☀️spending the summer with 5SOS☀️
🌃 NYC with 5SOS 🌃
i don't even know what this is tbh
⋆☆ 5SOS at the KCA's ☆⋆ (also congrats to $tella's edits on 90k, i love you so much and i'm so proud of you💘)
there's not much else I can do, but fall for you ♡
merry christmas 🎄❄️🎅
buuut if you ever want to talk to me my ig/twitter is @kiimispossible and my kik is @kimberlykuksfood ☺️
i've been at the hospital a lot so i've been extremely inactive the past couple of months so i'm really sorry and i love you all
1 year ago today i posted this extremely terrible edit but it's been an amazing 1 year so thank you all for everything, ilysfm💜 #1YearOfJTVE
pride and joy. ✧
happy 19th birthday to this ray of sunshine ♡