LAST POST I SWEAR. but im recapping my time on vine by posting some of my favorite edits here so check it out
peter parker | aerosol can -for listen brynn,, -a crime fighting spider.. boy- er man
— boy billionaire bruce wayne
— i don't know if i'm worth all this steve.
bucky barnes | savages - ib kenna / for ben - boi he did tHAT.
a-team | goodnight gotham - they could all squash you like a bug - for the ugliest
“ im starting to get bad again. ” — for cadin & deja
bucky barnes - ac re: Kitsune - give this boy a break .
he deserved so much more.
gotham | need me - everyone on this show needs a hug
barbara kean | it's alright - ICONIC character development - for ben
jerome valeska | east of eden - for syd !
bruce wayne | lullabies - a bean who deserves the world - dt cnaks !!
jerome x barbara — collab w/ syd
forever — rm eleven.
and it hurts like hell
lmao joker who ? — purple lamborghini for deja