AA 🍻🍸🍹🍷 AAA 🚙🚗🚘 One letter can make a big difference.
Pop viners warming up Nino Gray
"Hey yall got a cigarette?" #outtakes btw guys I just started a #youtube page (Chelcie lynn) go subscribe 4 OutTakes& longer Tammy vids.
Velveeta Trailer Park
When a chick try's to say that it's your kid, but you know it ain't! #Itsscienceandshit
Jeffie runs for president! #Jeffieforpresident
When you think you've smoked too much weed! (Btw I don't smoke weed)😉👍
#Zombieapocalypse! Will you survive?!? I've got a plunger. I know I will! What weapon do you have on your left?!? (Comment below)😉👍
Why's your face look like that Vince?!?
It's ok to go on a trip... Just make sure it's your "Rocket-ship" (Sorry I had to)😂😂
First day on the force be like...