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When the mannequin challenge is too real Quincy
Thank you for the last 3 years ❤️Instagram: patrickbarnesvine || Snapchat: peebasaur || Youtube: patrickbarnesvlogs || Twitter: peebasaur
Quincy and I are sad about vine
Sorry to break the news Quincy
He's asking for it... w/ Quincy
Forcing your dog to party with you cause no one else will... w/ Quincy
Promposals are getting out of hand... w/ Caleb Natale, Ross Smith
Caught Quincy celebrating 4/20
Impossible to eat a cheese stick anywhere around my dog! w/ Quincy
"You chop mine off, I'll chop yours off" w/ Quincy
Excited about Christmas! w/ Quincy
Flirting with braces....
When the DNA results come back 😂 w/ Quincy
If stuffed animals could talk w/ Quincy, Jeremy Olenski
Game night with my blind friend Ross Smith
When you run out of data 😭w/ Quincy