Josh Scznsny
As children of God, Jesus says "You're..."^ #IdentityInChrist knowing who we're in Christ is crucial in our walk with Him ❤️ #BeautifulTruth
He saved me of myself and gave me life when I was crashing through it, bashin’ every dream that brings me glory cuz' I have to do it 🙏🏻
I post full raps, inspiration & so much more on facebook! I'll be following everybody back! Come talk to me over here ❤️
What's the point of rapping if it's all about a major deal? Want to feel the music with a passion that will make you heal ❤️ #lovethemusic
New full rap on my ( W/ ISAIAHTHEGREAT Go check it out! Comment below and tell me what you thought 😊 #JoshscznsnyEP
Following people back all day today! (Instagram: joshscznsny) ❤️ Also like my pictures up, I'll do the same in return ☺️
You can persecute me come and take me but He gave me life, that even when I pass I'm resurrecting to the #GreatKing ❤️ #Deathcantstopme
Im not for satan, ain't got nothin' cuz Im #consecrated, devil up in here but no complication, my God's on attack so it's domination 👌🏼#Tb
Rapped at Sarasota Christian school today! Such a privilege. Go check out the full rap on my ( ❤️
#GodIsFirst Hatas gonna hate but I'm not concerned, He saved my life when He dropped to earth and I'm high for Christ with no pot to burn ❤️