Thomas Sanders
#Nerdthoughts (Pokemon Edition!) 🍃
Cuteness Can Be Frustrating 🐶 (W/ Kyle Wait, Adam McCabe, Theresa Hanson, & Michael Knight)
That Awkward Moment Trying to Cross 🚘 (W/ Joner-Strokes)
Long Drives... A Time for Appreciation 🚗
When earbuds start doing the thing... 🎧
This week's #ShoutoutSunday goes to Xavier Crawford, Xavier Partridge, Xavier Aiston, Xavier Gorey, & every excellent "Xavier" alive!
Me as a Disney Character ✨ (W/ Dom Gold)
I'm Not the Photogenic Friend 📸 (W/ wahida choudhury, Jack Shaw, & Dęmétrįúš Bãńkš; FX: Caleb Natale)
Had the place to myself tonight, so naturally... 😁
#AskThomasSanders 😁 The Q&A video will be made and posted on my YouTube channel!
When you're too worried about when the alarm's going off... ⏰ (W/ Camden Foote)