When you have a screensaver of yourself 😳 w/ DeStorm Power #KingBach #WhatDoYouMean
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Some people should keep their shirts on. 😂😂 w/ Anwar Jibawi #KingBach
The jealous boyfriend. 😂😂 w/ Amanda Cerny, Alphonso McAuley #KingBach
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They always look. 👀😂 w/ DeStorm Power, Alphonso McAuley #KingBach
When someone is cooler than you. 😂😂 #KingBach
When room service is more than you expected. 😂😂 w/ Splack_19, JDWitherspoon #KingBach
When someone pays with only coins. 😂😂 w/ Splack_19 #KingBach