When you sleep over your friends house and they don't leave a pillow or blanket😂 w/ KingBach
Friendship goals. 😂😂 w/ Splack_19 #KingBach
When you unlock your car from too far away.🏃💨😂 w/ Christian DelGrosso, Klarity, DeStorm Power, Alphacat, Jerry Purpdrank #KingBach
Faithful 👀 w/ Chantel Jeffries, Lux #KingBach
When you get blocked in a group photo. 📷😂 w/ Christian DelGrosso, Josh Peck, Jerry Purpdrank, Curtis Lepore, DAN Nampaikid #KingBach
FAVORITE me on VINE for a follow on Twitter. (@KingBach) #TeamBach
When you turn on the lights and realize you don't have a bae. 😩
What "THEY" hear when "WE" talk. 👦👤😂 w/ Christian DelGrosso, Curtis Lepore #KingBach
When you want to make it rain but you're broke. 😂😂 w/ Christian DelGrosso, Curtis Lepore #KingBach