Alexander Holtti
Hey! Check out my new YouTube vid "The Bacon Challenge" if YA want! *vomit & nudity alert* at
When your friend is filming you naked and it's awkward lol #relatable | watch the whole vid (link above)
Alexander Holtti
When only 2 people fit on the sidewalk and you get stuck behind... 😔 w/ Matthew Espinosa, Crawford Collins
Alexander Holtti
Relationship goals when you're single 😍😭❤️
In Love <3
When you're at a friends house and u don't like the food | watch the rest of the vid (link above)
Sry Mom- Checked Spring Break in FL off the bucket list while I'm young! Awesome time at the Coca-Cola event, so fun! #TasteBudTalent
When you find good selfie lighting..
Guys! If you live near Panama City Beach in Florida, come meet me! I'm hosting the Coca-Cola Spring Break party on April 9! #TasteBudTalent
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