Hayes Grier
@bestfiends: be ready to help out in "The Worlds Biggest Mobile Charity Race" in December!! Play free : https://t.co/X3u7IK8jEc :)
Packing and jamming with my #HTCOneA9. @ATT #Sponsored
bringing back the dancing vines Nash Grier
Cameron Dallas spinning
Pure talent Daniel Skye
Living in the now @aeropostale new video up tomorrow ! #AeroNow
Dancin Nash Grier
Nash Grier won't leave me alone
YouTube video is up!!! Go like and subscribe! YouTube.com/grierhayes
Had fun on set with Far Young
Wasn't as fun as I thought it was gonna be
I love messing with him when he's asleep
How we walk through the airport. #Skylynn
Sleepy cam