ig: xpipedreams
— alec lightwood ac: starlight cc: celestial dt: zoe
ig: xpipedreams
BIG MOOD BECAUSE VINE IS DYING TOMORROW 😭👋🏼 THX FOR THE MEMORIES & thx nessa 4 telling me to do this this vine is 4 you
it's been real vine 😴👋🏼 anyways!!! thank u for everything ! hmu !!
— a manz cc: xblúrr ac: monex
— queen cc: nochillnovia ac: wot shameless show: one day at a time
— an iconic character ac: supreme audios cc: blueluna show: one day at a time
— izzy lightwood ac: celestial cc: blueluna show: shadowhunters
— fuller house who? 😴👋🏼 cc: xblúrr ib: xshadowhunters show: one day at a time
— mylene cruz ac: diaphaneity cc: xblúrr show: the get down
— magnus bane ac: crackedgrace cc: blueluna show: shadowhunters