Timmy Turner!!!! 😂😂
Somebody rolllll the weed 😂😂😂
Full video on YouTube!!!
singing “Care 4 U" by Milestone. TAG someone in the video REPOST on your page. #BluffCity #PlayThisSongWhenYourGirlMadAtYou 😂😂
That's just the way it is...
Paying homage to the great Tupac. Our version of “I ain't mad atcha” #bluffcity
Why you always lying? 😂😂😂😂
Singing “Excuse Me Miss” by CB. #bluffcity @itsbluffcity
Gimmy sum more ItsBluffCity
Do you believe?
Cry 4 U .. ItsBluffCity
Tell me by Dru Hill. Long version on our IG ItsBluffCity
All eyes on you. Full version on our IG ItsBluffCity
Sangin' “All My Life”