it's been amazing. i've been truly blessed by this app and it's community. follow me on my other social media if you aren't tired of me ❤❤❤
even the strongest of leaders have moments of weakness. ac/rm art. ig: angelicorigin || cc MXRPHY [bio]
{FLASH WARNING} i'm not usually into necrophilia... ac/ib Suga!HQEditᵴ.qt || cc MXRPHY [bio]
love is weakness. 100% rm youtube: rogue heda || cc MXRPHY [bio] || dt hedextra <3
come over tonight ac kittey || cc MXRPHY [bio]
my heaven is here. rm art. ig: angelicorigin || ib aesthetic eliza || cc MXRPHY excuse the crappy effect. i was just testing the waters.
red kryptonite kara was a blessing. ac voizen || ib Lush fandoms | Bio || cc MXRPHY [bio] (also my wm was made by my ugly friend maya ♡)
you left me. you left everyone. ac ig: frootlandia || ib ig: editsbylexii cc MXRPHY [bio] || dt ig: lowkeyjauregvi
the calm before the storm rm/ib ig: ultraxheda || cc MXRPHY || dt hedextra
it's been an amazing few years! (also it says kim twice but i don't have time to change it) follow my ig: leksa.edits
my sweeties, i love you ac/rm ig: fallendoctor_ this is my last edit, but i'm posting one more time tomorrow!
rip carrie fisher 1956-2016 ac/rm xreyes || cc mine
warrior. ac/rm wolvela || cc arkhams / yt: xvaleskas (i'm so ugly i can't stop posting. i have my last vine made tho, i'll post on 12/31)
may the force be with you, carrie.
soulmates in every universe but one. ac/rm ig: lomeyfromvine || dt hedextra (last real edit)
camren cancelled. ac batsy. || dt lowkey jauregui;
cosmic love ac pll slays || cc fueled panic
anya - could you imagine finding her ugly? can't relate. ac separated_ || cc MXRPHY