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Hey guys😪 Sad today! Found out Peyton isn't in the Top Three! Thanks for everyone who supported her thought😍 Love all!
Go to go to Model search.. Click on 2014 Semi finalist ... VOTE FOR PEYTON!
VOTE FOR PEYTON HEITZ! Go on model search and go from there!
She dances at Dance Precisions! Peyton Heitz😄 9 year old dancer😘 She is very talented! #CaliforniaKisses #SheIsAwesome #CaliGirl
Peyton Heitz! ❌⭕️❌⭕️ #Peyton #Sheisawesome #Vote Please vote for her at!
❌⭕️❌⭕️ Peyton Heitz! She is now 9 years old and up for California Kisses! Who's up to vote for this Cutie!? #Vine #PleaseVoteForHer #Dance
Peyton Heitz! Her birthday is 3-5-05 Vote for her on CALIFORNIA KISSES! #PeytonHeitz #Dancer #CaliforniaKisses #Awesome #voteforher
About Peyton Heitz- She was born to dance! She is currently 9 years old and a AWESOME DANCER! Vote for Peyton Heitz on California Kisses!
Vote for Peyton Heitz for California Kisses!