ig: anapaula.mp4
[uwu intensifies]
name a hotter duo... ill wait
its my 2 year vine anniversary so heres a remake of one of my old edits from haikyuusus
ive been working on this since 6am this morning but i made an instagram acc exclusively for my deleted dan and phil edits go look at it
shiratorizawa best boy is calling, yall gonna pick up? — rm of leonora owo
happy 30-something birthday to this legend he finna b dying of old age soon rt
happy early birthday to my love can u believe he was born on the same day as jesus... coincidence... ion think so
goodbye season one :') — ib mudita
before vine died i wanted to make an edit of my cut4aone girlies cus we got some 20yos on anitwitter shook
o(`ω´ )o — para agui 💗
your otp could never
a Man 🗣🗣🗣
the only relevant character on this anime — ya i cant see my wm either
"i'm not going to let the short time i can be with you be stolen away from me" — first attempt at this style pls be gentle
legends with the same voice
underappreciated daddie — for helen
tragic indeed 🤕