2016 so far - 💯
video games in real life: finding a dead body
totally believable high school vines
new stickers -
charades with the pals
ran into a stranger rocking a beanie in the wild! So rad. #SorryForItBeingBlurry
running into an old friend at a party
when you shoplift with your best friend
playin frisbee | song: Palisades
what bros do when the camera is on them at a musical festival (inspired by Tobz)
when the best part of the song happens while you're chilling with your squad
when you're the "1 second" friend
one friend who is always down for mario kart 64
when your friend starts turning into a tool right in front of you 😬▶️🔨
Stickers + Phones 👍
Low budget 007 intro
When your friend asks for a little hand
hey Ricky Montgomery your shirt is weird