Gnarly Edits
You guys should subscribe to my YouTube channel 😏 find me at Chelsea Zavala Im kinda boring, let me know what y'all want to watch
Thanks for the memories and good friendships ive made on here vine but it's time for me to go. Goodbye Vine
New edit 💫
This is the second time I've seen Mahogany Lox in the wild
I'm so happy I started a blog channel on YouTube it's helping me keep memories
If you guys want me to start editing again please let me know. I gave up because no one was active anymore and it felt wierd
My poop is coming 💫
I used s Mikey filter
Being an adult is hard work. But sometimes we get chances to have fun so take them.
It'd be cool if you guys could subscribe to my YouTube I post daily Vlogs you can find me as Chelsea Zavala
5:02 AM She had just started to love herself. Then she remembered why she hated herself.
I've learned that making friends is hard. But when you have ones who support you keep them. They'll help you get through tuff shit.
Enjoy every moment as a kid and teen. Because before you know it you'll be an adult with bills
I'm so happy to have moved back to my home town I've made so many new memories and i can't wait till my best friends life's here.
Let's make memories. And make them count.
Suh duuedd
I finally got my car and I'm super excited