An emotional child. ↠my last vine ↠ thank you all for this experience ↠DT: Jess 💕
Eurus? Nah I'm good in my lane. ↠ ac; tabby's editss ↠ dt; Izzy,Hedda,Kiersten,Cayla, Fionna and Jess 💕
Emotionally unstable? ↠ dt; the Sherlock whatsapp gc
Anyone wanna kill me?
All hail the queen of AGRA ↠ dt Izzy ;)
Birthday baby ↠ I love him sm
Unpopular opinion: I'm still not a fan of Mary. I've never liked her character. She's a villain in my eyes still. BUT ILL MISS HER????
How did we get here? ↳ dt; Cayla (ty for the help 💕)