As long as your comfy Doris 🐶
Fresh Leadership For The Uk Solved. #referendum #politics #EU
Nothing worse then a drunk dog & mines smashed look FFS.
Only Kid-ing 👶🏻.
When she wishes it was her bean.
The Grand Canyon had a weird ecco!
Meeting Americans in Vegas.
This fella on the train has literally no standards..
When she knows... You know.
Dapper Laughs & Chill .. It's guaranteed.. Pre Order the DVD NOW!
Easy mistake to make.
How To Deal With Your Boss.
Loving the new cocaine filter on snapchat (Dapper29)
Ever wondered why cyclops is called an X-MAN?
I hate taking my kids on holiday.
0 - Jealous in 6 seconds.
This tune gets me in the FRIDAY mood! "Ounce every weekend"