TeEzY Da BeAsT #CypherNation So what's good #CypherNation Fam
#CypherNation my lyrical aroma
Jst Kooln ( SouthSide Slim & BIG Chase ) by Charlie 808 Ferrari https://soundcloud.com/charlie-808-ferrari/jst-kooln on #SoundCloud
If you haven't seen some of the compilations on my YouTube channel:💥Charlie Ferrari💥 go check it out #CypherNation #1percent
#ABitchGetsNothing 😭😂 she said she had my rib and she's my soulmate So I took it from her #APimpNamedCurly
pimpping Ho's in my sleep 😭😂#APimpNamedCurly
😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 today's letter of the day is W 👈 #APimpNamedCurly
The letter of the night is R so ReVine 😭😂😂😭😭#APimpNamedCurly
One thing I hate is a dumb bitch 🙍 and it's just that simple #APimpNamedCurly
Today letter of the day is P 👈 #APimpNamedCurly
When your Vine crush REVINES everybody but you 😭😂😂
Southwest Atlanta Georgia Baby #FerrariBeats
i'm having constant dreams that I'm Constantine when I wake up I'm surrounded by angels armored wings good versus evil the constant struggle
#cyphernation to accomplish something great we can never give up