jazmyn's edits
dylan everett as dean winchester overlay cr to originals owner (i forgot who)
eggsy unwin's transformation dt ; all eggsy/taron girls 😘
sodapop curtis 💖 | dt; all sodapop girls out there 😘
JaPHAN 🇯🇵 (ft mimei & duncan💕) | a different version from slay edits. tHIS LOOPS 👌�
when i see you again 💔 | #RIPPaulWalker #ForPaul
Fast & Furious 7 🚘 | to those who have watched you'll understand that the pain is unbearable at the end 😩
bellamy blake 💣
👓Hartley Rathaway👓 | 🚮 quality🌿
in honor of ed being in singapore, it's time for an edit. i love ed so much 💕
happy birthday to john barrowman 😍 the innuendo king 😏
happy birthday alex kingston 💖💖 aka my river song 💖💖🔥
happy birthday Matthew Gray Gubler 💖 | love you so much bby youre in my heart 24/7 💖
Ben & Lindy 😭💖 | they were my ultimate ship in the first episode until he died. I still ship them. {#umcontest}
👀🍬 - eye candy | 3rd entry for #umcontest 👌
The Night Shift 🏥 | {#umcontest}
Star Wars: The Force Awakens | remake of ; film edits & Austin roar ?¿ {#umcontest}
#PostYourDrafts | idk what this was but grant is so cute and im in love and this song matches and yes, it's 100% mine and no watermark.
who's your daddy? 😎 | when you're prada af 😍 (funfact) ➡ his prada shoot was actually showcased in the prada billboard in singapore in 2013
😈 Void Stiles 😈 | guys follow no chill kayley bc babe af. #nochillkayleyto2k 💖