Out here in Palm Bay Florida putting that work in... Follow me on Instagram im posting rest of video later... @jpatrick04
i know im late!! but i was challanged yestersay so i had to step up!!! follow me on instagram @johnnypatrick22 for rest of the video tonight
10 days before we report to camp!!! Grind time! #patrick22 I don't get tired!! #jetlife.. rest of video on my instagram @johnnypatrick22
Out here in Tahiti!!! It's amazing man...
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@johnnypatrick26: My first career interception in NFL.. Ready for the season!! #patrick22 @nyjets
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Walking around in New York City!!!!
Heeded to New Jersey tomorrow morning!! It's been real San Diego!!! Had to spend the last day at the beach!!
Had fun in San Diego. Living in New Jersey now! Playing for NEW YORK JETS Follow me on Instagram/twitter @johnnypatrick26
Signed with the New York jets today!! Had fun in San Diego time for a new path!!
Hitting Chris Johnson in the back field!!! #boltup follow ya boy on twitter/Instagram @johnnypatrick26
What's up!! Y'all show ya boy some love on Instagram/twitter @johnnypatrick26 while I get use to this vine thing lol!!!
My first career interception!!! #boltup chargers!!!! Follow me on Instagram/twitter @johnnypatrick26
A lot of hat going on lol doing vine to show my fans a diff part of me!! Will be blocked if negative :) :) I don't care
San Diego beach!!!!
Damn everybody said no to me!!!! :(
In Miami for this game!!!!