High On Life
Woke up in Daytona Beach ☀️ VISIT FLORIDA
Who wants to ride this amphibious ATV? Did this in Florida! #mykissimmee
Dropping The Ex Like
Would you try a triple on this slide?
Would you launch this?
On the edge of the Grand Canyon!
Would you sit here on Devil's Bridge in AZ?
The water is definitely too cold still!
Cannon Beach in Oregon is Out Of This World! Where should we go next in Cali?
200 footbridge swing off a side of a mountain! Would you jump?
Would you try this? ⛷
Winter won't stop us from beach flips on the Oregon Coast! Where should we go tomorrow?
Caught the sunset off the cliff in Cape Meares last night on the Oregon Coast ☀️ Check out the full video on YouTube/HighOnLife and vote!
Trying backflips for the first time at Bear Mountain Resort
Wait for it! Goofing off at Bear Mountain Resort
When you can't handle winter anymore #men
Spins in the fastback ⛽️
Gooood Day to be Alive :)
Epic view from above in Cabo
Swimming with sea lions in Cabo! 🌊🦁