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New sketch on YouTube! Daz Black is the channel
Thank you with all my heart. My channels are Daz Games and Daz Black on YT. #teaparty ❤️
At vidcon and listening to these fangirls talking like this? Wtf 😂😂
Fashion police (I could not do it without laughing 😂😂)
Let nothing stand in the way of your favourite show! #SkyGo #ad
Me in a music video
If i was James Bond
When you come home and forget mothers day. (Ps its mothers day in the uk😂)
How to sing like Rihanna
When you're so good at a game you feel like a god! Check out the app store for the #GodsOfEgypt game #ad
That friend who tries to keep up with annoying trends that don't make sense 😂😅
If Cupid was real ( full sketch on my FB page)
When you think you're not high
Don't steal Cube's seat W/ Kevin Hart & Ice Cube '#RideAlong2 in cinemas Jan 22nd
Unexpected end to an action movie W/ Huw Samuel
My first time at church as a child 😳