DeStorm Power
When the whole squad on point...BUT YOU! 😩🏂 w/ Hannah Stocking, MelvinGregg #iCantSnowboard
When people throw sh*t in the trash with NO BAG! #savage w/ therealmrjr
You find the craziest things when cleaning up...w/ Liane V
When she says she likes a sensitive man. w/ Inanna_xo, therealmrjr #OnionAlwaysWorks
Some people rather use every last dish before washing them. w/ Official JaNINA 🍽
When SIRI knows the words to your song. 🤔 #whatdoyoumean
The Grinch who stole... w/ Liane V, MelvinGregg #merrychristmas
Nobody escapes the dab! w/ Pagekennedy 😳 New YT video. Go watch and subscribe.
Insecure dudes be like... w/ Arantza, Official JaNINA, Jena Frumés
Butt Dial... GPS Edition. New YT video. Go watch and subscribe. 😂 #SoundsLikeTheySmashing