DeStorm Power
DeStorm Power
When the voice doesn't match the appearance (w/ Manon Mathews IB: KC James)
When you get caught mumbling under your breath. 👊🏾
When you hijack your friends phone... 😈 📷 w/ Piques, Anwar Jibawi #destorm
When you sleepy AF but your homie wanna turn up! w/ Bobby Ray, Liane V, Hannah Stocking #destorm
We all have that ONE friend when traveling... w/ Klarity 😒 #TouristBeLike
Shopping for expensive stuff when you KNOW you can't afford it. w/ Alphonso McAuley, Jeniffer Morel
Some things we just can't get rid of... w/ Alphonso McAuley #greyjacket
When the words too small to read... 🔍 #Destorm
When ppl complain about their day and you just as busy... w/ Klarity #makephonecalls #checkemails #workout
When you get a text from Maury. 🙀