DeStorm Power
DeStorm Power
When you're at your friends house and they start arguing with their parents w/ Piques, Messing With Rich
When your friend only got a 2 seater but you wanna roll... w/ MelvinGregg, Safaree SB FENGALI
When eavesdropping goes wrong...👂w/ Safaree SB FENGALI #GetOutMyConversation #destorm
When you run out of hangers... 😑
Wrong Hood! w/ Christian DelGrosso, KingBach, Klarity, Alphacat, Jerry Purpdrank
People get real gangsta when small cars honk... #dontjudge w/ BigDaddyKane, Cynthia LuCiette
All cramps aren't bad. w/ Qimmah 😜
Anythings for sale...👖w/ Wuz Good, MelvinGregg #EvenThePantsOffYourAss
Taking advice too far. 😈 w/ Liane V
Parents can always sense when you're up to no good. 👀 Tayvion Power, Wuz Good #destorm