Ollie MN IG:olliemckendrickness
let's have some fun while we still can eh
💚thanks for everything. maybe i'll see some of you on twitter (OllieMcKendrick), snapchat (omckendrick) or instagram (olliemckendrickness)
Vine have kindly given me my own Spotlight channel! go check it out on the Explore page and i'll be your best pal forevermore
finally figured out what i was put on this earth to achieve
theme song for generic sad youth
when u receive an irritating notification while trying to make a vine but continue to jam out
when the sound of your roommate masturbating keeps you up at night and haunts your dreams
Fear the Walking Dead, ready to stream or download on Amazon Video UK #ad
procrastination brings out my inner serpent
practicing drinking wine so i can impress sophisticated women
show me your memes girl
exploring the #pantheon and Cite Des Sciences with these lovely #PeopleMW J.Cyrus, harlock, Corypoppins, Centre des monuments nationaux
today i climbed all 284 steps of the Arc de Triomphe because i am simultaneously cultured and athletic #arcdetriomphe #secretsMW
not all scar stories can be cool and impressive ok
get you a man who can do both
a pair of heelys = the secret to romance