Curtis Lepore
When you sneeze around your black friends 😂 Max Jr, JoJoe
TOKYO GODZILLA PRANK! 😂 (full version on
'WTF do "viners" even do?' 😂😂😂 Jerry Purpdrank, Piques, Jason Mendez, Max Jr
When your gay friend is home alone... Alx James 😂😂😂 (tag someone that loves pizza)
Santa?!??? 😭😭😭 #tb
When your black friend calls you "my nigga" for the first time... 😂 Jerry Purpdrank, Max Jr, JoJoe (full version on FB)
October 21st, 2015 #backtothefuture 😂 Jerry Purpdrank, Max Jr, JoJoe, Arantza, Buster Beans
When bae say she likes The Weeknd 😂 @theweeknd Amanda Cerny