Brittany Furlan
Girls handle a breakup one of three ways.... W/ Simone Shepherd & Heidi Heaslet
If only Detox tea came with this warning...
True friends know how to make things happen #HotDogPizza #Ad @PizzaHut w/ Alx James
That one psycho friend who always tries to help but always makes things worse 😕 (go ahead and tag em')
When your teacher gives you a look like you failed but then you aced it. (Also I'm almost 30)
Where the fuck am I?
When you're watching a movie with your parent and a sex scene comes on.... 😳
Never judge a book by its cover w/ Alx James & Klarity
Every time I get my hair cut 😭😭😭😭💇🏻💇🏻💇🏻💇🏻💇🏻💇🏻
Seashells are so weird these days.... 😳
What guys see when girls wear too much makeup w/ Piques