Brittany Furlan
I just need a real man. W/ Curtis Lepore s/b: Jake Moreno
All I could think when I saw this store (Longer/Better version on my Instagram- @BrittanyFurlan) I'll be doing more videos on there now
Girl who knows nothing about sports watches the #SuperBowl Longer version on my Instagram- username @BrittanyFurlan #SB50
Dogs are true friends....kinda
With the new xfinity X1 my binge watching will be unstoppable!....Kinda #RealFansGetIt #ad
I'd be the worst Doctor ever
What it feels like as a female opening your snapchats 🍆😖
Every girl on New Years
Did you ever give someone a Christmas gift and immediately regret it? Well I haven't until now
My childhood
Its basic bitch awareness month. W/ Simone Shepherd Tag a basic bitch. Longer Version on my Instagram- @ BrittanyFurlan