Charlie McDonnell
Bear's last bungee... (and my new favourite way to entertain the cat)
At the office. Working hard. No tomfoolery here whatsoever!
New video now live on starring my incredibly vlog-shy cat!
My entire day today. #Hiccups
Kitten's first bath! She took the ordeal surprisingly well :)
New video coming later today! It may or may not have something to do with a certain TV show.
New YouTube video! In which moustaches and kittens continue to elude me. Also something something Radio 1:
There's a vinyl record player in my NYC hotel room and it makes me feel fancy.
Because @OmgFyiTbh was wondering if you can dunk a whole chocolate digestive in my QualiTea mugs.
I caved. The fancy wifi lights have been acquired. (Just for the living room, though!)
I am the Daffy Duck dubstep machine.
Today is going slower than expected.
Enjoying a delicious hot chocolate this evening.
Making a film today ^_^
A Christmas tart! Sparkly.
Home alone. Talking to myself out loud. A recreation of real life events.
When my hair gets to a certain length, it becomes sentient. It must be angry today.